Spacious and ventilated classrooms with built-in smart boards facilitate lectures. Comfortable seating arrangements and amenities like safe Wi-Fi bring about the ease of learning.


A fully filled Library that houses about 2000 books is available for the students. It also holds a range of academic resources such as dailies, magazines, encyclopedias, reference books, CD’s etc.
The Library is the Heart of an Institution. It’s the Hub for advancement of knowledge. It’s the temple of learning.

Counseling Centre

The Counseling centre at Christ Academy aims at helping students to improve their quality of life by giving them emotional support and motivation. A supportive and confidential counseling department with able and experienced psychologists looks into the emotional quotient of students. The team takes up career guidance programs and life skill theories to motivate and show a defined career path. Their listening skills and direction to decision making is of great use to our students.

Health Room

A trained nurse looks into the medical needs of the students.

Hostel Facilities

The college provided with hostel facilities for those students who need to leave their homes for education cause. Christ Academy supports these students and provides them with Christ Academy Boys Hostel for the Boys and Carmel Villa Girls Hostel for the Girls. Students have to strictly be compliant with the rules and regulations of the hostels and are expected to be disciplined in their behavior and deeds during their stay at the hostel.


A neat and healthy Cafeteria is at the disposal of the students.

Bank with ATM

Christ Academy has South Indian Bank along with its ATM in the campus. The Bank and ATM serve to be useful for monetary transactions of various groups of people like staff and students.